i got a new guitar a while ago with a floyd rose. it's awesome but something is wrong, it's really hard to shake it and when i do, i feel like my arm can't move. Is there something i can do so it can have less friction?
yeah. there is. dont try to dragonforce it, make sure the springs arent about to snap and simply just try to break it in, the metal might still be stiff so keep playing on it and if it still happens, go back to where you got the guitar and ask them why its so stiff
well, i actually got it like November, i can live with it though, but thanks for the info. i lol'd at the don't dragonforce it part.
you could try to buy a lighter set of strings and loosen your claw screws...but that wont help if its something mechanical. not sure what it could be other than that. not to sound retarded, but you have checked for a locking mechanism, right? I know some floating bridges can have little locking bars to make it easier to alternate tune and stuff. Gl man