Its the QT11, I Was Just Playing Outside on the deck And My Guitar Was in Drop D From Lessons Earlier And I Attempted to Tune On My Own (still learning to do so by ear, don't call me a dumbass or anything) Obviously Didn't Work. So I Got My Tuner Out And Here's the Problem

Say I'm Tuning My low E String, I Have All the Volume, Master And Both Pickups All The Way Up And When I Play the String. It'll Say I'm Playing The G String.

The Rest of the Strings It'll Show I'm Playing the Right One. Its Just That Particular String.

Any Ideas On Whats Wrong?
Use the neck PUP, also you might be wack out of tune from tuning by ear, tune down
yea if you have a tuner which only recognises the 6 guitar strings, if you ear tuned way off it wont pick it up
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
my tuner does that with my D string but i have found out that D and G are in the same harmonic frequency, whether that is a load of bullsh!t i dont know but
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