A lot of that sound is from the guitar. To get really close to that tone you'd need a nice jazz box guitar. I play a Gibson ES-335 out of a Fender DSP65 and can get pretty darn close to that sound though. And a lot of it really really has to do with your touch, feel, groove, note and chord choice. It's not just a frequency, it's really a groove all its own.

In the meantime, try the neck pickup with the volume and tone controls rolled back slightly into a clean amp with a relatively even EQ. That's probably as close as your going to get with your gear but as Guitar_Theory said, a lot of it has to do with what and how you're playing.
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Can I get the sound with some procesor becouse I don't have money to spend on jazz guitar . with this setings I can't get the sound even when I play the same thing from youtube . give me some advice