I think the answer is pretty obvious but this is my question, If i get a 50 w tube vs a 100 w solidstate, ive heard that the tube amp would just kill it. Not only in the tone aspect but also because it sounds ballsier. But how could a 50 w tube actually be louder then a 100w solid state?
^It's not louder, our ears only perceive it to be.
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Because the way the ear hears Vacuum Tubes, a 50w tube amp would be just as loud or louder than a 100w SS amp.

Even if both were producing a note, lets say at 100 decibels, the tube amp would sound much louder.
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It won't necessarily be louder, but the tone of the SS amp anywhere above halfway will make you want to kill yourself. Besides, it doesn't matter that much. 50w tube is probably more than you'll ever need.
Because tubes cause some sort of harmonic distortions that our ears perceive as loudness (it still sounds clean). I believe that's the basic explanation. It just sounds louder to our ears, if you use a dB meter the 100w amp is probably louder. Then again there are other things that have to do with loudness, such as speaker efficiency and general amp design (at least I think so).

Edit: Also, solid states turned to 10 generally don't sound that good (transistors clipping sounds pretty bad), whereas with tubes you get poweramp overdrive which is a sought after by some people (it sounds good).
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