So I turned 20 today, meaning I'm no longer a teenager. And the thing that's kinda bothering me is that your teenage years are meant to be the best of your life. Filled with parties, getting drunk, getting laid, ect. I thought about my teenage years today and I realize I've wasted most my time playing video games and masturbating. (And not necessarily in that order).
Does anyone else feel like they should be doing more with there life?
I'm fine with my teenage years not being loaded with parties, being drunk, and having sex. So no.
Actually yes...i waste too much time in The Pit and I really should do something else

EDIT: Doesnt mean i never do things that i like and I sit in front of the computer all day...i spend like 4 hours on UG and i'd rather do something else
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20? in uk we become adults at the age of 18. i dont feel like im wasting my life.

a good quote on the subject - "time is not wasted if it is enjoyed".

from my experience, masturbation and video games are enjoyable, therefore you havent wasted time. depends on how you look at things, and dont forget, you have about 60 more yrs of your life left. you can easily make it worthwhile in that time
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youre 20 and youre worried about having wasted your life? take **** loads of drugs... and do what you want
then when youre like 80 think about if you wasted your life? jeez man
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I thought about my teenage years today and I realize I've wasted most my time playing video games and masturbating.


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F*ck it, we live once. Live it how you want to (within reason, obviously without harming others).
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Occasionally, but it doesnt bother me that much, i may not be living a party lifestyle but im still doing the things i enjoy.

So it doesnt really matter that much
no, i just feel like it goes by too fast. i just turned 18 on thursday.

EDIT: yeah, i've never been to a party, the last few years have been spent playing guitar by myself and video games. last year i hung out with my two friends a lot and we rode bikes and played halo and stuff, but now they're seniors and leave school early, so i don't really hang out with them all that much.
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Im only 18 and i feel the same.....and now im at uni i put too much effort into my degree to have fun.
I do think back and think "What have i been doing all these years?!" but im sure ive had lots of good times, i just cant remember them...
I dunno, all my friends go off to parties and get drunk etc, or are out having fun, doing something. While I stay inside and play music...

I really don't know at the moment.

The thing is is that its my choice, and I'd rather fullfill myself creatively and expand myself artistically as opposed to getting wasted every weekend.
i have the same feeling: i'm 19 years old, i quit school, work in a store and it looks like it's not going to change anytime soon. never went to a single party , i never go out , at my 18th birthday i just sat at home... the list goes on and on . so wat is my point ?
well .. that life is useless,but too short to be wasting it
thx for making me realize it
no, i feel like The Pit and 4chan are good, rewarding places to spend my youth

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^ Word.

But yeah I'm 15 and so far i've spent my life in my house for the most part. That will change someday though. When i'm forced to move out most likely.
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I feel like I'm wasting my time going to school and learning crap that wouldn't help me with my degree one little bit. I want to be an english teacher, why the HELL should I have to learn biology, psychology, and art? It's bull****.

But hey that's life. And trust me, going out partying every night and fuc*ing random chicks is no where near as fun as being surrounded by the best of friends, going out and doing funny stuff that's only fun to you guys, and getting one of your friends who's really fat to chug a whole gallon of milk for 5 dollars and end up throwing it up everywhere . Yeah I mean get a gf or something if you want to fuc* around like I do, but trust me friends are way better than promisquous parties.
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I'm working hard because I really want to get into Uni. I've stripped my socialising down to a minimum, doesn't mean I'll go out and let it all out in the summer. I don't think I'm wasting my life.
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I don't really care anymore. Its better that way.
my friends commonly choose sitting in their pj's and playing WoW all day over going out and doing anything. i hope they come to this realization soon, but i doubt it.

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I'm at 18 and I feel the same way... I don't see how being a teenager is suppose to be the best times in your life... I loved when I was around four and had no worries and lived care free those were the times. I also have many regrets
add me if you wish...
im not trying to be a dick or anything, but my life is filled with parties and getting laid.

and im only turning 19

hope that makes you feel better.
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lol just recently turned 15 and i dont think ima party that much as a teen maybe in my 20s cause its more fun cause if you get wasted and your 22 you dont have to worry about your parents btching at you
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I'm fine with my teenage years not being loaded with parties, being drunk, and having sex. So no.

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lulz im 13 and ive been to load of parties there fun as hell! get drunk of your ass and flirt with hot chicks, thats how i got my girlfriend we been going out for 5 months....get some sack and go to soem parties