apparently some guys wana talk to us bout a label n manager we are quite a weird band our lyrics are sick at times and controversial but thats jus how we are i guess any other people have advice on getting signed or any bad or good stories they have of getting signed ect jus need advice cheers mi band is www.myspace.com/estrangedsite thanks again x
i have no advice on labels, but the bass in chelsies flower show is awesome. nice work.
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cheers man yea i love the bass too obsessed with rhcp when we wrote that haha kinda can tell eh haha cheers again for the feedback!
whooo, im diggin this man, no lie, you guys got a certain style about you that makes this enjoyable...great bass, nice vox....., keep this ish up, you got a fan.

hey thanks dude glad u enjoyed we have so many songs we need to record they are fair old now lol were playin a lil set tonight jus for a jam night should be fun still waitin to hear from these label guys but my friend is in a band and sed he got ****ed over royaly so unsure bout it all now
Chelsies flower show is a v good song man. Keep the **** up.

What label is it?
Professional Mixing available at request.

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some ****ty myspace one we jus wana gig more and have everythin organised tbh nout like money houndin we jus wana play more often and they said we can get some more recordin done which we need cus we've only really recorded bout 4 or 5 songs and they aint ace quality and we have about 20 songs now so aye ha cheers btw wrote that whilst i was in school with a friend i love the song myself haha well into my chilis as u can tell ha cheers again!