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I was just wondering how an acoustic pick up works? Say I bought a guitar that wasn't electric acoustic(Which I want), and then bought a pick up separately, like this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fishman-Rare-Earth-Blend-Soundhole-Pickup?sku=303115, how does it work? Wouldn't you have to plug it in to something?? I don't get it. Or does it just amplify the sound some how? I know you put it on the sound hole and then there
is a mic there, but I don't understand if you have to plug it in to like an amp or what? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
The soundhole pickup works like an electric guitar pickup. It creates a magnetic field which is affected by the vibrations of the guitars strings. This creates a signal which is then fed through your cable and into your amp/PA system.
There are also different types of pickups that work differently to a soundhole pickup (but give the same result, a signal that then goes through your amp/PA).

As for the plugging in question. No you don't have to plug them in at all times. They can still be played unplugged like any normal acoustic guitar (they are amplified acoustically) but you also have the option of plugging it into an amp or PA (electrically amplified).

Does that answer your questions?
My guitar has a strap lock that is also an 1/4inch socket. So I more plug my lead into the strap lock. However, most acoustic-electrics just have a 1/4 jack on the on the side, but a bit below the strap lock. I can take a picture of it if it would help.
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Pretty much. But where do you plug the patch cord in to play it through your amp i mean? That's what I don't get.

The Rare Earth has an endpin jack socket supplied as standard. This usually has a small cylinder of plastic between the two lock nuts. This allows the socket to be used as an in line coupler however this is quite dangerous as the cord runs directly from the pickup and out of the soundhole If someone trip over it the pickup or the guitar can be severely damaged.

A better solution is to fit the socket as an endpin jack, however unless you are lucky enough to own an older Taylor or Lowden whose end blocks are pre drilled for these sockets then some surgery will be required and although this is not difficult I would strongly recommend you take it to the most competent professional you can find for this job to be done.
Thanks guys! I've actually found a nice guitar in my price range that's electric acoustic. My local shop will be able to bring it in too so I can try it. I was gunna only buy about a 600 dollar guitar but now i think im gunna have a job in the summe where I'll make close to 2 grand so I'm gunna buy a really nice acoustic that I will appreciate for years to come. This is the one I'm looking at now http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Breedlove-Pro-Series-C25CR-Herringbone-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=513470

hopefully it sounds as good as I think it will.

breedloves have quite a good reputation. i dont think you can go wrong with them.

BUT... i would make sure to try it out instead of just buying it online. because there is always that possibility of you not liking the sound. that wouldn't be good... especially because that breedlove is about $2k. you dont want to drop 2 grand on something you might not like.
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Yeah so I hear. I love the body shape too.

i editted my above post btw.
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yeah that's exactly why I'll tell my shop to bring one in. the guy told me if i wanted to try any guitar he could get t in. I'm gunna take my time on this purchase

mmm, alright. sounds good!

hmm... actually... i would still suggest that you may want to buy a pure acoustic guitar and then get a shop to put on some internal electronics for you. no, you wont have an EQ(unless you get a preamp), but there is one distinct advantage to adding non-instrusive(meaning a system that doesnt have a giant hole in the side of the guitar) systems.

When your electronics get old and out of date, you could easily swap them out for newer electronics that sound better. if you buy an acoustic-electric guitar, you wont be able to switch easily at all.

The only reason I'm asking you to really consider this is because you're dropping 2k on a guitar that should really last you your whole life. It's good to have that versatility so that when you're say... 10-15 years down the road, you'll have that option of getting electronics that sound as amazing as your well used and broken in guitar. That's how i personally feel anyway. I just dropped 1.2k on my Martin D-16RGT and I honestly dont think i'll ever need another guitar.
I have the following pickup installed on my guitar:


If you're looking for something other than a soundhole pickup, this could be an option. You do have to be careful with the feedback for the mic input, but if you can manage that, it results be rewarding. Personally, I'm very pleased with the sound from this mic.