Hey guys!

I was wondering, how Trent achieves such a distinct guitar tone? It's really fuzzy, yet it has, well..."IT", NIN fans will know what I mean. Any advice how to achieve a similar tone?

I know that Trent once said that 'the whole recording studio is a stompbox' for him, so he basically uses everything he can find, just to get some original tones. Yet, guitar tone on many NIN records sound very similar, so he has to use some basic gear every time.

Also, I've heard that he used Native Instruments Reaktor VST Plug-in as a distortion source, and then plugged the PC into the guitar amp and mic'ed it to get the guitar tone for the record. I'm not sure if it's true.

So, any advice about stomboxes/VST plugins/other equipment?
all i know is that he uses tons and tons of studio effects. his studio has thousands and thousands of equipment just for making effects. what he does is distorts and compresses the guitars a ton to get that crunchy compact distorted buzzing noise.
I know he uses a Line 6 vetta, modeling amp. and he is very fond of the Electro Harmonix Big Muff. For songs on With Teeth, I would look at Aaron North's guitar gear as well.

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Trent Reznor's pedalboard O_o

I've just found this one, the only person who could compete with him in the matter of stompboxes is probably Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Ok, so lots of fuzzy distortion (luckily I own a Big Muff ) and compression should do the job? Any advice about the compression settings etc.?

...any sound technicians out there? lol