Hey guys im new here. I would like to start playing the guitar. I have never played before. I would like to get some opinions on what kind of guitar to play. Iv read up on beginner guitars but it wasnt much help. As for what kind of music i want to play, i dont really know i would like to be able to play a wide variety of music. I have no preferance between acoustic or electirc. From what i have read electric guitars are easier to learn on, but you tell me. What are the differences between an electric, a hollow electric, semi-hollow electric, and an acoustic electric? What is the most versitle and easiest to learn on? Any advice is apprieciated. Thanks.
i learned on an acoustic, and it was good. for a first guitar, i wouldn't spend anything more than 200-300 for a guitar. starter pack or something. i like to play electric, it's more fun.
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if u want an electric get a squier starter set
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if u want an electric get a squier starter set


Either get a
Squire Strat Pack

or one of these

Yamaha Pacifica Guitar Pack

BTW, the links are to an Australia site
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what about a hollow electric or semi-hollow electric, are there any benefit to starting with one of these? What is the difference between these and a regular electric?
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Someone's bound to say it, what's your price range, for both an amp and a guitar, if you're going with electric that is?

No more than $500.
IMO, hollows and semi hollows tend to lean more towards a bluesy/rock kind of sound, not a broad range, like a strat for instance, (see my other post), also a good hollow/semi-hollow wont be cheap
Ya like i said i really dont know much about guitars. Im just tryin to get so basic info about the different types so i can make a good choice.

Anyone know of any sites that explain the differences or types of music each guitar is made for?
In my opinion it is easier to learn on an electric guitar rather than an acoustic guitar. Barre Chords are easier to fret for one. As for what guitar to get, a Squier starter pack is a good option however the amp that comes with it is horrible. Or atleast mine was. If you can spend more money look into the epiphone gibson range. Pairing one of those with a Vox ad15 amp is a safe bet for sure.
I did some digging and heres what i found on different guitar types:

Different Types Of Guitar

i agree with strings.of.fury below me,
a pack would be best in case you find you don't enjoy it, and also that electric are a bit easier to play
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The type of guitar doesn't name what type of music it plays. You can pretty much play anything on any guitar (electric wise) but if you get a guitar with EMG's (which are pickups if you didn't know), you probably won't get the best clean sounds, but killer distortion.

I got an actual guitar and amp when I first started, so I don't really know much about the starter kits.

I would probably shoot for the squire though. They're inexpensive, and then you can figure out whether you really want to pursue playing the guitar or not. It's not worth spending a lot of money on a guitar and amp if you get sick of playing it after a month

And the action on an electric is usually lower than on an acoustic, so you don't have to press down on the strings as hard. That's where most people get that an 'electric is easier than acoustic' thing.
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If, like strings of fury stated, you're not COMPLETELY sure you wanna stick to it, why don't you try renting one? That's a LOT cheaper I'm told.
Well, I just started learning a coupla months ago, and I bought off ebay (the shame!) a Fender Squier started set. Came set up and with everything I needed to start playing. Hasn't let me down yet...
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I'm personally getting a Ibanez RG321, which is an extremely good guitar for the price so I'd research up on that if I were you. Of course, it's a matter of personal preference to pick a guitar, so I'd check out the 'How to buy your first guitar' thread under the 'electric guitar' section. I'd buy everything seperately instead of one huge starter pack because odds are, not everything in the pack is up to par with the rest (again, just look up for starter packs to find good deals).
I might be able to get a Gibson Baldwin Epoch Les Paul Model Guitar for extremely cheap. Is this a piece of junk or is it worth a shot for a beginner?
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I might be able to get a Gibson Baldwin Epoch Les Paul Model Guitar for extremely cheap. Is this a piece of junk or is it worth a shot for a beginner?

It's plywood, which is really bad. So yeah, don't get it.

I'd suggest this:
Ibanez RG2EX1

with this:

Vox Valvetronix AD15VT

Sounds good, and will last you for a while.
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definetly ibanez (if your going electric)
i wouldn't recommend a starter pack, as the guitar/amp usually sucks.
or at least mine was crap :\
then i had to spend an extra £150 on a decent amp(marshall)
then i upgraded my guitar to an ibanez, and I love it.

Has a slim neck which feels nice
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buy a starter pack
they arent bad at all, but dont wait for a 1000$ with a 4000$ for 300$, they are great if you want to start
or you could just buy a squier affinity fat strat(the one in the starter pack) and a nice 30 watts amp like the laney LX35D or a VOX
amp is where most of the tone comes the guitar is more of a feel/looks thing
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Quote by jcm412
As for what kind of music i want to play, i dont really know i would like to be able to play a wide variety of music. I have no preferance between acoustic or electirc.

You don't really know what you want to play and you don't have a preference of what type of guitar you want to get, acoustic or electric? Are you sure you want to learn to play guitar? LOL

Okay, I don't mean to pick on you, well maybe a little.

For variety in modern music an electric guitar works best.

If you just want to see if guitar is for you, a basic acoustic will work fine.

Most guitar enthusiest get one of each.

The best guitar though, is the one that feels best in your hands and the best to your ears.