strange to have someone so dependant
that i make her weather
a novelty.
a novelty that scratches and spits and fucks
that makes me sad when
bill withers starts singing
a novelty like that last line
you leave hanging
because none of the words you've ever heard
seem to fit
a novelty with a heart
all too easily broken
with nails
that sometimes have dirt underneath
with skin
that's sometimes all pale and white
and eyes that sometimes cry tears
that sometimes smear her makeup
down her face.

love -
you sly dog
panting at the roadside
begging pennies.
that's love.

in my mind she's not a woman,
she's a new poem in an old notebook
a clash
of souls.

love is a dog from hell.

I love it. seriously, it reminds me of my favourite greek poet Kariotakis...
I think it is great how you define love, and how she turns into a poem in your mind...

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awsome you worded it amazingly, nothing bad to crit.
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