Can someone please post a tab for the song "New York City" by moe.? It's a great song but I can't figure out certain parts of it!

I just tabbed out the road and lost along the way. I'll do this one next for ya if you'd like. Tell me what chords they are and what key its in if you know to save me some time.

I'll see if I can get this up by later tonight, I got some work to do before hand though.

Like i said in my tabs below, not gonna tab out jams, just verses, intros and beginnings of solos so you can see where they're played.


Thanks. The chorus is just G and C. In the intro it sounds like there are 3 guitar parts... I could only get one of them.
Hey man, that song will be next on my list. I figured 202 out the other day, and I gotta tab that one out, then NYC.

Its my exam week though, so I might not get around to tabbing either of these for the next few days to a week.

What I figured out just from listening (this may be wrong) is


Just play around on that for a bit. The rest should come, if not.... The tabs on the way