I am wondering about getting a looping pedal that I can play a riff into and then have it loop so I can play over it and work on phrasing. I know about the loops station but are there any other pedals out there that do the same thing? Thanks for the help.
there's the boomerang. I don't remember who makes it but its pretty nice. Then digitech and roland both have pretty nice ones.
what exactly does a looping pedal do? Never really looked into this.
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Get a

I have one and it works perfectly for what you need. Pretty easy to use and you won't find a better deal for the money. Also, check out some YouTube videos of people demonstrating it so you can see how awesome it is.
Thanks for the help. I really just want to be able to play rhythm and then solo over it and work on stuff and it sounds like the RC-2 will be the one to get. Have you tried to use it live or when playing at family gatherings? I am just wondering how easy it is to just play a song in real time and then bingo instant backing tracks.