I was at my local pawn shop today when I spotted this guitar on the racks:


My apologies about the image quality, I only had my camera phone to take pictures with.
Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what make/model the guitar is, as there's no name on it, just a logo:


Anyone know what make and model this guitar is?

(Truth be told, it's beaten to crap and back and I probably won't buy it, I was just curious. I'm going back in the next few days to give it a test run to see if it's worth giving a second glance, or I'll probably just get one of the Stratocasters he has that are in much better condition.)
That guitar my friend, is a Kay guitar. Nothing special. a starter guitar, unless it was a high end one made in the 60's, which this is not.

"Kay Guitar Company primarily produced inexpensive department store style guitars from the 1930's to the 1960's. Kay guitar is a part of the Kay Musical Instrument Company that has manufactured professional and student instruments since the 1890's.

Kay also produced a high end guitar that today is extremely collectable. In 1957 president Sydney Katz introduced the Gold “K” line of archtop and solid body electric guitars to compete with major manufacturers like Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch. Valued among collectors, the headstocks from 1957-1960 featured a reverse painted plastic overlay similar to the Kelvinator logo. The guitars featured art deco patterns. It was difficult to get players to take Kay’s high end entry seriously, and the Gold line was discontinued in 1962. The company was sold to Valco in 1967 and driven out of business two years later by low cost Asian imports"

- wikipedia

I would check the article, but it sounds like a vintage asian-made guitar.
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Wooooo Kay!

I love my "(semi)high end 60's made" one.

There be your logo.
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