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how many of you are into hunting and fishing??
myself, I'm an avid fly fisher, build my own rods, tie flies, etc..
hunting is good too, in the market for a new bow sometime soon.
I like hunting, i use this homemade bow me and a friend made.
Its funny attacking random stuff in the woods.
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Animals are my friends. I don't kill them for sport.

both. i enjoy off shore fishing and squirrel hunting
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yea i live in bc. best river fishing around.
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yea i live in bc. best river fishing around.

Damn thats nice, Im jealous. My lakes got nothin good but carp haha
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Animals are my friends. I don't kill them for sport.


I don't do either. My Dad goes fishing a lot though, but he allllways puts them back.

Stuff like this ain't cool

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
hell yeah im a master angler and marksman. gota crack down on the cyotes in my area cause their numbers are way up and deer numbers are declining.
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I fish sometimes, fishing in the ocean is really fun. I don't hunt though, probably never will. Not really my thing.

EDIT: By the way, I always either throw back (which is almost always) or keep it and eat it. Fresh fish is awesome. But that's rare, unfortunately. Generally I just throw it back.
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yea i live in bc. best river fishing around.

right on!! I just moved from eastern ontario to toronto, so lost all my good bass fishing spots for good trout spots, will have to get back out towards kingston this summer to put my new st. croix casting rod to use, have some of those 6lbs smallmouth put a good bend on it.
i'm into saltwater fishing pretty heavy, but i usually do catch and release
(don't care much for cleaning them, and i'm not that much on eating fish either)

but i LOVE floundering
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I used to hunt and still do occasionally, but I am an avid fisherman through and through. I miss bass fishing in the lower 48, but I still love fishing at 2:00am under the midnight sun during the summer here. Halibut/Cod fishing in Valdez is great as well, but thats usually only once or twice a year because its a loooooooong ways away from NoPo.
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