I need a pair of handphones to listen to with my iPod. I've been using the earbuds that come with it and I think they are absolutely terrible. I gathered up some money from my birthday and I'm not sure what to get. So far I like the Grado SR60. Suggestions?

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handphones? wtf?!
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well, i find that handphones are generally over-rated. i personally would go for the headphones rather than pay twice the money for handphones.
Wait, under $100?

Can't you pick some up for like, at the most, $49.99?
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Skullcandy's are pretty good from what i've heard, and not to expensive.
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Wait, under $100?

Can't you pick some up for like, at the most, $49.99?

Well, there are some Bose headphones that cost well over $100, and there are other brands that also make headphones that cost a lot more than $100 too. But you do get what you pay for; the sound quality is superb, and extremely clear, both in the lows and the highs.
Those Grados are probably the best value...just be sure you don't wear them in public...being open-ended, anyone will hear your music clearly. AKG and Sennheiser make good headphones in that range as well that are more closed off so you can listen in public...headphone.com is a good site with many reviews. I personally love my AKG K301Xtras.
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Just go straight for Sennheisers. Don't buy their cheapest models though because they're not all that great.
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Go for the HD215 headphones.

My first proper pair of headphones. Lovely. ****ing huge though so might not be practical out and about.
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My first proper pair of headphones. Lovely. ****ing huge though so might not be practical out and about.

Yeah, they're big, but my friend who has them doesn't seem to mind. They're great headphones, and sound surprisingly well for the price.

edit: TS go for the Sennheisers. Seriously, you won't regret it.
just go to Target and get some 20 dollar headphones.. it's not a very tough decision
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thanks for the replies guys. I've been pretty set on getting the Grados but then I found out that they're really loud in public; being open-ended as Fast Fingers mentioned. I've narrowed it down to these 3, I'd like it to be this size if anyone has anymore suggestions: http://reviews.cnet.com/headphones/sony-mdr-v300/4505-7877_7-6900052.html?tag=prod.txt.5



The AKG K 26 P seems to be the best bet.
^ The AKG K26Ps are awful.

Go to www.head-fi.org if you want some proper advice.

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I know many will disagree but I believe most sennheisers are overpriced for what they are.
You pay quite a bit for their name, but that is not to say they are of poor quality because sennheiser do make great headphones too, I own a few pairs myself it's just that you can get a bit more for the same price from other brands.

I recommend a pair of audio technica ATH-CM7, but it also depends on what type of music you listen to.
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