I'm in the market for a new amp. my price range will most likely be less than $500, but it might be above (we'll see, i'll update if necessary). I'm into all kinds of music, i'm kind of a schizo when it comes to stuff, so i love hardcore metal, and soft ballad solo stuff. ie. Protest the hero vs. pink floyd vs. buckethead's soft stuff. anyone got any suggestions? I've been using a bass amp since i started, so i really dont know the first thing about guitar amps (but i do play guitar, not bass).

thanks in advance.
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I've got a flextone 2 for sale (Link in my sig) if your interested. Except I'm in Aus' and shipping will be a bitch.

The flextones are a nice amp if your truly into a lot of stuff or cant afford many effects but like to use many effects. I'm selling mien because i only need clean and distortion and delay, the flextone is too much.
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