Awesome heavy as sin New York Style Death Metal band from Denmark. Hate Takes Its Form is a great debut album. Hate Takes Its Form, Within the Flesh, and Impurity are my favorite tracks.
I love the brutal double bass in the intro to Hate Takes Its Form.
They don't exactly bring anything new or unique to the death metal scene but still some very good tunes. One of my favorites right now.


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Best Danish band at the moment

king diamond disagrees....

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^You think they're better than Iniquity?

At the moment I don't, but I think they have the potential to be better.
they're a great brutal/slam death band.
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^You think they're better than Iniquity?

At the moment I don't, but I think they have the potential to be better.

I said "at the moment"

They don't top Iniquity or Usipian, but both are broken up

And I wouldn't really call them slam death.. They are more New york style DM.. Suffocation esque
^ Oh I didn't mean like "omg you think they're better than iniquity?? thats crazy!!11" I was actually asking you sincerely what you thought lol.
And yeah, I think they are more brutal New York style DM with elements of slam. I even like the occasional hardcore-like shout he does but his growls and gurgles are great.

EDIT: Thanks for mentioning Usipian, never heard of them but they are fuking great. Can't find anywhere to buy or download their music, anyone PM me with a link to download?
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This is kinda cool.I would kinda rather just listen to Devourment for the most part . Some of these guys "death metal" riffs come out sounding like the kind of **** you would hear in a Bury Your Dead song.Some good brutal riffage though now and again.
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Sorry for double post but Dawn of Demise jus released a new song on their myspace. It's pretty awesome. This time, they take a step further into slam death metal which I'm not sure if I like them going down that road but it still has the classic Dawn of Demise feel, so we'll see how it goes. Although, I think it lacks the energy and pure awesomeness they had on the record. Anyway, check it out, I'm listening to it now.