ibanez rg2ex1 or rg321 or ltd f-250, i can't really decide but i need a fast neck. the rg321 is the cheapest but it is mahogany which is better than agathis and basswood? i'm kind of confused is it low quality mahogany or is it the pickups? which one would you choose if you play quick riffs all the time?
If the Ibanezs have a Wizard Neck or a Wizard-II neck that will allow you to play faster because the neck is thinner and flatter.
actually i meant the rg321mh not the regular one, which is mahognay and has a wizard ii neck, but is it worth considering over the f-250? or what does the f-250 have over the rg321mh besides looks and the floyd rose?
i would go with the f-250
for the overall range and playability, scratches and dings won't affect the looks of this guitar, playability is great, the floyd rose -if that's what you prefer, only downfall is that it's top heavey and i would upgrade the pickups when the money is available. the pickups are good but i like the higher end duncans or emg's. i've changed out all of the guitars i have now.

the other guitars are great for what they do but only to a point. the wizard scratches easily and looks horrible after a while. i would need something with a tremelo as my first guitar but the ibanez guitars would make great backup guitars