I just got my Acoustic set up. So what are some good acoustic tracks to just get me started. (please no fingerpicking, havent learned that yet) Similar to Layla acoustic maybe?

If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
If you like Layla, perhaps check out other Eric Clapton songs. His Unplugged album would be a good place to start.
Also, check out the "New What Songs Thread" stickied at the top of the forum.
Some easy acoustic songs if ur beginning:
Knocking on heaven's door-Bob Dylan
Everlong acoustic-foo fighters
Disarm-smashing pumpkins
Everything Changes-Staind
Wish you were here-pink floyd

These songs are good for startin off as they only consist of a few chords, and no barre chords. They should really help you transition

Also, for if any reason you would like to start off on some really easy fingerpicking, i would suggest that you look at 3 libras by a perfect circle. Very good song.
Use your lesson book for a few months and play it regularly. Once you have gone through the basics (Hal Lennords' method book 1, the norm in learning guitar) Has some nice stuff in it while you learn your basic scales, reading music, beginning to know how music works, basic rhythm riffs etc.

You can't really just pick up your guitar and play any old song, especially in acoustic. I honesty want you to play for at least 1 month out of a lesson book for at least 30 minutes a day. If you are dedicated and if you play longer than that daily, you will have chords, barr chords, scales and such down.