Well, there is a dollar tree in my town and i went there once when it opened but not other than that. i was going to see a movie last night and decided to buy some creamy delights that were cheap. I went in and...every person in there was just wierd. i had never seen any of them before (my town in about 14000 people so kinda small). there was a 14 year old kid in line to get a plastic bow and arrow kit. the kids in front of me were gettin pencils. there was an old man walking around...and some old ladies. it was kind of scary. you could tell that all of the people, employees included, were just losers, no quality of life. i felt bad for them
any stories about your dollar store?
I once stole everything from the dollar store, and sold it on the street. After I had sold all of it, I made $50.
do you ever notice the stench of cheap. there is a distinct smell that is branded into every item there. even the food.


...I love the dollar store...

it's like a really cheap 7-11 or something, only with wider variety. they sell loads of cool stuff that other stores couldn't sell, like sunglasses. And lots of cat toys. And loads of cool candy, half of which is hersheys . Some dollar stores are better than others.

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yeah, dollar stores are all ways the most run down places ever. the people who work there usually looked blazed over, or just generally dumb. Or atleast they do around here.
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The dollar store here isn't half bad, they have posters, headphones (decent ones), school supplies, soda, potato chips, and a bunch of other things. The chicks who work there aren't half bad either.
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I go to dollar stores, find something for like 3-5 dollars, and complain to the manager about false advertising.
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We have pound shops in the UK...they're usually quite good for stuff like pens, pencils, biscuits....etc.

Otherwise they're pretty sucky.
My town's dollar store is called "Dollar Fun." It sounds like a really cheap brothel to me.

And everything there is actually $1.25.

there was a 14 year old kid in line to get a plastic bow and arrow kit.

Hey! Little kid toys are super fun especially when you're intoxicated. I bought a nerf gun from Target during winter break and I'm 18.
Our dollar store closed down :[

You don't have a small town, my town has 5000 in it.
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i used to work at 'your dollar store with more!", i would void out peple purchases if they left quicky enough and pocket the money. thats what they get for minimum wage pay.