I'd love it if you got a chance to come and check out Melancholy Moose Society. We'll be playing Friday on the Late 'n Live stage. Check your programmes for the time!
We play (and I hope you would agree) catchy songs referencing the best bits of post-war English culture - Ray Davies, Tony Hancock and what have you. Charity shop Indie pop. (Or Cardigan-core might fit better into todays musical enviroment )

If you'd be so kind as to listen we have a few songs around here.
We've had articles in Music Week and on the BBC and some lovely chaps at NME decided to name us as a band to watch at this years festival, although they had never heard us. (Under 'Bands whose names intrigue us')

So if you get the chance to pop by, or stick your head in (I'm not sure if the stage is inside or out) we'd be very grateful.
Enjoy your festival!