After asking people for their opinion, I finally decide to spring for Metal muff over the Graphic Fuzz, due to three reasons:
a) Graphic Fuzz is unavailable
b) Graphic fuzz, according to MF, is $60 more.
c) People keep recommended me Metal muff over Graphic Fuzz on another thread, since I request a metal sound (though I am actually more of an all-around, fusion type of person)

Since I believe my Crate power Block have volume issues, I decided to bring it along to test the pedal and the amp. So let's start with my CPB150 stock: Sound thin in my 4x10 cab, but when I plug into the 4x12 (8ohm mono), it just open up a lot and much, much louder. conclusion: I need to get some new speakers.

Then I tried it with the metal muff. Not only does it sound very close (or is?) to Dimebag's tone, it also makes it much, much louder, especially with top boost. Obviously, with such a nice pedal, I bought it right there on the spot.

This also bring up another note: You do need something in front of the CPB150, be it a distortion box, a booster, or a modeler. Otherwise it will be quite quiet.

I have yet to test it on my Blues Junior, which I have added a 47uf bypass capacitor on the third triode, and wired the unused triode into a Bassman style cathode follower, and is currently repairing the tolex (So I am waiting for the glue to cure). I would guess that it will be even better than playing on the powerblock. (But then again Dimebag played on a Warhead before he went krankenstein)

When the graphic fuzz comes to the store, I may try it out; it also seems to have an adjustable envelop filter in it; I may even go with the graphic fuzz instead of the MXR EQ, depend on the situation. In the mean time, I am happy with my Metal Muff.

EDIT: I will pose the test result with my Blues Junior tommorrow, assuming the Blues Junior did not blow up on me.
Ibanez SA-120 (ed.2006)
BluesJr 1996-B + cathode follower + texas Heat
Crate CPB150
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Metal Muff
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Tone being subjective, the Metal Muff was hands down the WORST distortion pedal I have ever heard. Hiss, hiss, hiss, noise, hiss, noise. That's without the top boost engaged. The top boost is 100% useless. The Metal Muff is ok I guess if you wanna sound like 80's Ratt or something...pass.