...good guitar for a budget of $600?

I don't really have a specific genre that I play exclusively (maybe I play metal a little more than other genres I guess), so versatility is nice. I was looking at the Ibanez SZ520 and the new Ibanez SZR720. Both look pretty sweet, especially the SZR720, but I wanted to get some other opinions on the subject.


So what are some nice guitars that have:

-a Strat or LP body
-HH setup
-fixed bridge (optional but preferred)
-and enough versatility to cover a wide span of genres (anywhere from pop punk to death metal)?

Thanks for reading.
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esp ltd h-251 is a great one for that price, its got a strat shaped body but no pick gaurd, check it out on the espguitars.com
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What the! They changed the inlays on the SZs!?! Those look pretty sweet!

I'd say either one would be good, I used to have a 520 back in the day and still wish I had it, that guitar was awesome for how cheap it was.

The new 720 looks nice, but it has a 1 peice neck. I'd probably go with the 520 just because of that as it's a stronger neck with 3 peices. The sound difference probably isn't much between the two, with the 520 you'd have enough left over to buy some nice pickups to put in it and it'd probably sound better than the 720.
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