I think this track is excellent. I liked your tone, it sounds a bit "fuzzy" but I like it. Nice sounding drums as well, are they real? Kick-ass solo you got there, got me headbanging. I think you could have turned up the solo at parts though. Some of these riffs are awesomely heavy, I love it.

Overall a very nice piece, there's not really much to improve on. Although, I couldn't hear the bass very much, if there was any.

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Thanks man. I record the guitar tracks with a $10 computer mic, thats why the tone is a bit fuzzy. The drums were made with Fruity Loops 7, and i haven't added any bass to it yet. Thank you for the crit.
Very Killswitch Engage.

Very tight recording. I think the 'fuzziness' from the distorted guitars works well.
In fact the only thing that doesn't work is the artificial sounding drums. Maybe adding a tiny bit of reverb to it, it have made it more athentic.
I'm liking the duel solo's.
Overall, a heavy track, considering that there is no bass.

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That was awesome, very tight and clean. The solo could be a bit louder and the tone could be a bit less fuzzy (though it's really good considering it's a $10 mic). Maybe if you had the drums go double time after the solo that might be good, but that's just my thoughts.
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Awesome main riff, heavy and melodic at the same time rather than the metalcore separation of heavy and melodic, awesome textures in the chords as well. I liked the bass-y tone. The solo was great, I loved the way it was EQ'd. The production is great. I think the greatest merit of the song is the main riff, I'd love to hear it with vocals!

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