in the song thunderhorse by dethklok how do you play this part?

C ||-12p8--------8-15p12----------12|-17p13----------13-19p16----------16-|-19hb-|
G ||------9----9---------13----13---|-------15----15----------17----17----|------|
F ||--------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|------|
C ||--------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|------|

yeah sorry about the spacing being all screwed up...
anyway i know its all sweeping but i cant do it. any good tips? how do you guys play it?
practise it slowly and keep trying to build up speed.
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well the main problem is that when i sweep up i end up hitting the note on the Eb string twice...is there a technique for that or should i just keep practicing slow like normal?
practice slowly
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Sweep up on C and G strings, then change direction (sweep down) for the Eb string
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