So I wanna pull my whammy bar outwards (make the note higher in pitch) so i basically need a different bridge. But my friend said that you could only do that with a Floyd Rose, is this true or could i get a certain bridge that would allow me to push and pull my whammy bar both ways?

EDIT: My friend wants to know if it can be done on a Fender Squier.
and does anyone have any recommendations? if so, post them.
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floyd roses are able to do that yes. However, this goes the same for any floating bridge, there's other brands that do the same thing. I'm not sure how you could use a regular tremolo for it, but i don't doubt that you could. It might not be very easy though, and you'd be better off buying a floating bridge.
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For a regular floating bridge, take off the back plate and theres two long screws, loosen them and it will let up on the tension, making it possible to pull up, but decreasing the amount you can force it down.

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yeah just mess with the screws under the back plate

make it so that the guitar is in tune, but the bridge is slightly pulled up
then you can push down, outwards
i dont remember where i saw it but strat bridges can be floating bridges by loosening the screws under the strings toward the neck on the bridge google it
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I can do it on my floating bridge, but it messes up the tuning sometime.
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If you want a proper floating bridge it's only floyd rose or floyd rose licensed products that can do it.
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you can rig any start style trem to float, but unless it's locking it probably won't stay in tune terribly well.
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So I wanna pull my whammy bar outwards

bah dum dum kshhhhhh..


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Or get a whammy pedal?

i just tried one of those today at Guitar Center
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do drop tuning
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