Ok well ive been talking to my friend how started to get into guitar playing then stoped about 1 year ago,

well he bought one of those chinese rip of gibson les pauls, off ebay, a while ago and yeah
he also bought then amp, a success 55watt amp,

anyway he's sellign them to me $150AUD, around $130 USD

so im asking,

should i buy it, i mean im thinking of customisming it,
and changing it, hes just chuckign int the amp anyway,

he paid around 500 all up hahaha(rip off)
im not going to be using them as liek a main,

because i have a

J&D guitar and a epiphone valve junior stack,
im really thinking should,

is there anything good about the guitar? at all?
i mean is it ok... like low epiphone quality? or not?
im thinking of either re painting it, or somthign else?

so should i?

plus the amp is just a bonus i'll probly end up sellign it for liek 50 bucks,
I personally wouldn't do it.

The wood in the guitar probably isn't good at all and fixing it up/upgrading it/etc. wouldn't really be worth it imo. But if you're just doing it for fun or to get some skill in electronics or modding the body, etc. I would say go for it.
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hmmm true again... but yeah, i just gonna use it as liek a trashing guitar to not really care about,

hmm true im not sure about the wood dam.... i mean i wouldn't be spending that much on it at all, really i dont think i would buy anythgin for it soon, maybe juts get some paint and sand it down but yeah idk,

anyone else? worth it or not?
that is true.. hmmmm emg's im not sure of but yeah,
i wish i knew what wood it was =[ grrr i shall play it before i buy it make sure im happy,
worst comes to worst i can just sell teh amp for 100 bucks had the guitar for 100 later hahha, so yeah,

hmmm anyone got any ideas on what i should do to it?
what should i mod it like...... i dont wanan spend to much, maybe a weird paint job any ideas?