Im thinking of buying one but i have a few questions.

Can i plug my guitar into my amp, then from my amp to the tone port and record from my amp instead of using the gearbox software?

Is there any more effects than the ones that come with the software? Like can you download VSTs or something?

And what mic would you recommend for just vocal recording? Looking for like the 50-70 dollar range.
well i think you can mic your amp i dotn see why not, and yes you can download more effects and stuff from the line 6 site, and about the mic , im using a shure pg58 i gto it for like 50 dollars and is decent i think, heres my page, check out my songs. www.myspace.com/capernaumband
you can bypass the fX in gearbox by hitting the button that looks like a power button.

as for running a cable from your guitar amp, it would work but dont run any speaker outputs to any type of recording gear, they are meant for speakers only.

Its best to mic your amp IMO

What toneport where you looking to get?
theres better choices for the price when you get into the UX2. The Gearbox software isnt the best sounding software either IMO...I prefer using Amplitube.

If you have some VSTs in your sequencer software I think you can use those.

Do a search in this form for a low cost vocal mic. I prefer the sound of the MXL 990 condenser but you need phantom power and they dont mix well with the toneports from what I've tried...
i dont really see the use of having a toneport if you plan to plug from your amp straight in. because the use of the toneport is to have the sound produced from an amplifier inside your computer, straight from your guitar to the port to the computer.