I'm getting frustrated now. I learned some simple solos like the ones from Tangerine, Heart Full of Soul, and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Now I've been trying to teach myself something new today the WHOLE day (after some practice of course) and so far I've had trouble with everything.

Tried Enter Sandman and I couldn't transition from note to note if my life depended on it. Smoke On Water po'd me because I wasn't able to strum just the A and D strings in the intro. Don't get me started on Sidewinder and Beast & The Harlot (the UG beginner's song program said these would be fitting for a beginner!)

Then I tried what I've been told is the easiest A7X song to be learned out there "Warmness on The Soul". That song confused the bejeezus outta me. Tried to learn arpeggios and my brain and fingers started to hurt. Understanding scales also made me want to scratch my brain.

Really not feeling good about myself. If someone could help me pick out something that would be easy to learn right now, whether it be a solo or entire song, I would really really appreciate it. Felt like I wasted the whole day on nothing.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried iron man or anything from punk bands?

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your doing way to much at once.take some time to learn this stuff.spend hours on each song,do not go off and do something else!at first songs and stuff take for ever,but with patience you'll pick stuff up faster.arpeggios took me months to perfect. and at least a week to get ok arpeggios. songs used to take me a day or so. now i can learn new sweeps and songs in like 5-30 minutes.you'll get better.patience!