This is a local sale. I will not ship any of this. I'm located in Allen, TX 75002.

I have a MarkBass 'Little Mark II' for sale and an Ampeg 4x10. These were bought brand new from Guitar Center, and were only used for about 3 practices.

The head is 500w at 4 ohms, and the cab is 500w at 4 ohms.

The MarkBass head is made in Italy, and for it's size it really cranks. It's just over 4 pounds, and is louder than most other heads I've played that are in the same wattage category. I paid $600 + Tax.

The cab is the Ampeg SVT410hlf with the high-freq. control on the back. This knob makes a huge difference when turned either left or right. I paid $700 + Tax.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with either the head or cab, and I have all price tags and receipts from Guitar Center.

I paid over $1500 for them both, but I'm willing to let the Little Mark go for $475 and the Ampeg for $550. Both together for $1000.

Here's a video of the rig. I only smoked around it there and the windows were open with fans blowing. It sits in a smoke free home right now. I'm selling it because I don't play for that band anymore.

I look like an idiot in the beginning, I thought she was taking a photo... and it wasn't meant to be an amp demo. Turn it up loud and you can hear the amp.
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