Does someone qualify as being self-taught if you read the lessons on here and watch instructional videos on youtube?
I think so. I do just that but I consider myself self-taught. You're still choosing what videos you watch, etc. There isn't a teacher giving you stuff, you're taking it from a bunch of different 'teachers.'

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you arent self tought when you have a teacher pretty much every step of the way

i self tought myself the basics and intermediate stuff, and now i have a teacher thats teching me more advanced techniques and theory
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pretty much not having someone tell you how to do everything
if you sit at home and learn by yourself, tabs, youtube vids, little things on the internet, bits and pieces of stuff your friends do...thats self taught...having some dude hold your hand the whole way through means your not self taught...
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I think in todays times, there can be so many great self-taught players solely because of the internet. There are so many sites with articles, videos, diagrams, forums, etc to teach you soooo much. Im self taught, and i think im a decent player. One thing that i always found kinda hard to self teach yourself was theory.
im self tought so far....and now am using guitartricks.com....awesome site
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I can truly say I'm self taught, no videos, no teachers. Every things by ear or sometimes tab. If you sit down and really understand how every things works it will come to you.
Most people consider being self taught as having no
formal lessons. Most of the time these players seem
to have unorthodox playing styles.

It's very debatable whether we have any "self taught"
players today..because we have videos and stuff. Its
just like having someone in your home. I have never
had a lesson ..so i consider myself self-taught.

I think it would be very interesting to give this label a
clean-cut definition....but every other term in music seems
to be open to interpretation.
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I consider myself to be self-taught because for the past two years I hadn't had a serious lesson and was learning from the lessons on this site. Now I take classical lessons in school and am learning Theory.

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ive taken lessons to learn scales/excercises/theory, but i teach myself more often than not despite the fact i dont consider myself self taught
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I dont consider myself self taught.. I had a teacher teach me the basic chords and thats about it.