Which do you think is better? Is there another guitar to consider in my $300 limit? I want tone over looks but some looks is a +. I want a warm tone if that helps. Thanks...

Yamaha FG730S Solid Top

Takamine G340SC Solid Top

Seagull S6 Entourage
tough decision in that price range....guitar center is running 15 months no interest financing...maybe then u can spend a little more?...personally at guitar center, nothing sounded really good to about $500...and that was the laguna...then its worth going up a little more for the takamine jumbo
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All are fantastic guitars. You should really go try them all yourself and figure out which one you think is the best. There is no clear winner here.
However, the Cedar top on the Seagull should give your a more mellow, softer, warmer and more complex tone. Depending on what styles of music your going to be playing mostly it may not be the most suited. Cedar tends to loose definition when you strum hard but sound great when fingerpicked and strummed lightly. A spruce top will give you a brighter sound which wont loose definition when you strum hard but wont have the same complexity of tone when played lightly or fingerpicked that a cedar top will give you.
Takamine or Yamaha, I'm undecided between those two. Got any pros and cons for them?
Quote by killabean
Takamine or Yamaha, I'm undecided between those two. Got any pros and cons for them?

Well, the Takamine is a cutaway, so you will lose a little bit of resonance from that, but it shouldn't be too bad. I don't have much experience with it though.

I own the Yamaha FG730S, and it's a really good guitar. It has a nice, full tone, and it sounds really good when strumming or picking.

Both guitars will have a different sound because of the shape and the wood, but test them both out if you can, and choose the one that you like best.
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