is thi s worth the money? i'veheard it gives you a harsh buzzing noise by using it?
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at walmart I bought 4 batteries for around $10 and each battery lasted a few hours and I had to unplug my pedals every time I wasn't using them and at some point it became annoying and I bought one of http://www.visualsound.net/1spotcombo.htm at a local sam ash and its been working really well for me (I can't tell the difference). So the power brick will pay for itself in no time since you no longer have to buy batteries nor do I have to unplug my entire chain I can just turn off my extension cord and call it a day. So I would say get a power brick.
ive heard that the dunlop brick isnt really worth it. it doesnt do much in the way of filtering, and none of the outputs are isolated. which means its basicly a glorified daisy chain. something like the voodoo labs pedal power 2 is supposed to be better. if you dont want to spend that much though, its probably just better to for either a 1spot or the godlyke power all (or whatever its called).