Yeah so I gave up looking for a drummer in my area and decided to just get a drum machine. Anyone know any decent drum machines with preset rhythms that are metal-friendly?
If you are usinga computer to record or have a MIDI controller, go with Toontrack EZDrummer. Its the best sound for the price IMO

IF you want hardware, go with Roland/Boss drum machines. Roland makes some killer sounding drums for their v-drums and they use the same sounds for their drum machines.

Alesis has the SR16 if you are on a low budget. Buy the better priced ones and you will get better function/sound.

I think Tweaks guide has something about drum machines so you may want to look into that, its linked in my sig.

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Keep in mind you need the original EZDrummer software pack with this since the DFH is an expansion software pack
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i use Acoustica Beatcraft but i'm thinking of upgrading to Toontrack soon.
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