If any of you guys have had problems like this, or know how to fix it, please help me, cause I've searched around and can't find the answer. Audacity always use to work, then for some reason like a week ago, it stopped.

I'll record a track, and if I play it, I can hear it perfectly. Then, I hit record so I can play along and add another track, but I can't hear the original one to play with. It will still record fine and I can hear the two tracks together afterward, but I need the original track to play along to and keep time and everything.

Thanks in advance.
if your looking for something free kristal is better it's alot better it's simpler than audicity i've used both and i like kristal better
make sure the track you're recording isnt on "solo" and that the 1st recording isnt muted.
When all else fails, ask the pit.
I've messed with kristal before, it's kinda hard to use imo. I got it to record, but I can't figure out, for the life of me, how to get it to play. When i click the play button, it turns green and lights up, but it won't play. Maybe its related to my audacity playback issue, but I don't know. I feel retarded, cause i'm usually able to get this type of **** to work.
this should be in R&R, theres an official Audacity FAQ and help sticky there...

to fix the problem go into the prefs (open the program and hit Ctrl + P)
One of the checkbox things should set the program to play the tracks as you record a new one.

If you are interested in some more advanced but fairly priced programs look into Reaper. I used it and can compare it to Cakewalk Sonar which is what I currently use.
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Quote by moody07747
this should be in R&R, theres an official Audacity FAQ and help sticky there...

Oh, sorry. I forgot about that board. Thanks, man.

Edit: And I just found the answer within the first 5 or so posts in that FAQ. Thank you so much, I love you.
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