I love it. Anyone have complaints or praises? I paid $115 for it. Good? Bad?
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I'm not in there
Well cool. How does it work?

What is flanger also? And Phaser. One sounds like space. The other sounds like Van Halen.

Or something.
here you can check this and then also take Blue_Strat's advice.

i'm just starting out and these are off multi-effect pedal but i purposely put them up to demonstrate how 'digitally' the RP250 is....but it might give you an idea.

this is not a review push.
<flame retardent>
so, i'm not asking you to judge my playing but you can if you want.

i'm not going to get into all the descriptions and such cause i'm tired and it is readily available so i hope you are not messing with me. Peace Out.