I thank all that gave me advice,and some good reserach on my part,but since i installed my seymour and lace god,this strat sounds awesome.I got a hss ,mex ,and whoa,god what a diffrence.I love the blues,and going this way opened up a diffrence sound that i thought this strat could not produce.i went to a 10 E back and althought i dont like a heavey string,this works better .i had my neck readjusted,for over-tones werent just right.neck is fine(maple)but just need a little adjust.Amp response is great.I know it,s a marshall mg100dfx,but a twin reveb is in the works.thanks guy for all the help,and hope i will be posting on u-tube soon.playing out is coming,rehers,going good.Thanks agin Kenney
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hey, nice set up. just wait until you get out of that mg and into the twin reverb. you will not even believe the tone that will come out of your instrument then!
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