Should i get my 7 string hellraiser customised

Thin neck to as much as possible
narrow neck to as much as possible (theres a lot of spare width in it)
Take of all finish except binding snd leave lacquered

All costing about £700. The problem with 7 strings is there arent too many around that arent bolt on necks, and definately arent nice narual finish guitars with all these specs. My main concerns are a) that the wood wont look good it is probably a cheap composite and b) i would not be worthwhile using a guitar with cheaper woods in this way better to just get a more expensive wood guitar and do it up. But again the choice is limited.
I would do it. If you buy the coil splits and hardware from the US on one site, if they can ship it to the UK, even with customs costs, it will be a lot cheaper than it would be if you were to buy the stuff in the uk, except the BKP of course.
With schecter the wood should look fine, someone sanded down a c1 in black awhile ago and it looked good.
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Yes.. pics if you do it.

And pics of the other one. Sounds good!
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