has anyone wrote or tried to write a concept album?

i'm trying to but i'm wondering if i should write out the story first or just write songs that make a story?
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keep in mind your "story" doesnt have to be that complicated. all you need is a hero and an idea. Think Ziggy Stardust (alien comes to earth, and um, makes music, and then, um, people start to hate him for some reason) or The Black Parade ([here comes flaming] where theres a kid, with cancer, and he finds this crazy parade full of dead people, and um, walks[?] with[?] them[?] and then he, well, dies).

not too complicated. whats more important is that ALL UR SONGS REVOLVE AROUND THE SAME IDEA. no deviations, or it kinda doesnt work out
I attempted to.

however, sticking to a story is one thing. Writing songs that create a story is another.

For example

Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater


... Is A Real Boy - Say Anything

are both concept albums yet EXTREMELY different.

You need to the story before you have the songs.

You need to be writing from somewhere where the story makes sense to you. Don't just write a concept album for the sake of it, write it because you want to tell the story. And only do it if you can do it properly That's why I stopped.

Good luck.
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