I really want to get a Gibson ES 335 but I cant really afford one. SO I thought thoughs Dots arn't so bad, but I wanted some other opions. I think if I get a Dot I'll probaly put new pick-ups and maybe hardwear. Any suggestions for pick-ups?

I'd save for a 335. Theyre a line of guitars that i LOVE. Though heres a little fun fact, did you know the dot was released BEFORE the 335?
whats the difference? they look exactly the same
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Yeah, go for the Dot, if we're talking Epi here. I highly recommend a Casino, but it's a slightly different guitar. Much lighter, cooler tone imo. Try 'em both out, you won't be disappointed.
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I'm not a Gibson guy by any means but I absolutely love their ES-335 guitars. Honestly if you have the patience and want it enough I say save for one. Hell you can probably find one used only for a really good deal.
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I played around with a dot in the store last week. It seemed like a really nice guitar. I have a ES-339 at home though so I wasn't feeling the need to buy it. I mainly had picked up the dot to play around with a Fender amp in the store.
Theyre pretty good. Though ive heard some people complain that theres came w/ bad action, though you could easily fix it
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Depending on the quality off the mark, the Dot is a great substitute if you don't intend on saving the extra £1500. Other GOOD substitutes are the Epiphone ES-135, Sheraton and Riviera. Ibanez AS 83's and 93's are good too.
best just to try them out and think which ones best or could also look into the Ibanez and washburn copies. How does a dot studio weigh upto the dot?
I like the Epiphone Dot best, sounds more snappier, for that real blues tone.
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