whats the ups and downs between the two brands of pickups. I know emgs have a preamp or something but thats about it. and another thing is that does a pickup effect playing, by that i mean like do artificial harmonics sound better?
Irrelevant. EMG makes a lot of different pickups, and so does seymour duncan. Be more specific.
well for my first question compare like emg 81/85 active and say semour duncan dimebucker.
and for my second question for example do you know those high pitch harmonics that say killswich engage use in their music well i have a semi cheap guitar a dean ml xm with the pickups that came with it and i was wondering if replacing them would give me a better tone well say
saying dimebucker will end in a massive tornado of flaming... That said in general active(emg 81/85 most common)pickups are more sterile but will puss tube amps more thus more distortion... passive pickups(Duncans included) in general have more tone but also have less output
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Like stated above more gain pushing a tube amp makes pinch harmonics a bit more pronounced.

Emg's sterile issue can be cured with a simple mod.

Passives are more subjective to wood types and can sound more organic.

Actives dont really care what wood there in but still do have a slight tone change when in different woods but its not affected as much like a passive is.

Dont ever mention dimebucker.....

Umm what else, if you want to play metal and want passives i suggest Bareknuckles but the main question would be what amp are you using?
well thx for ansering my questions thats exactly what i needed to know but my amp is just what i could afford i have a crate flexwave 65 watt and dont really use the "distorted channel" I use the clean channel with my EHM Metal Muff with Top Boost just to fill you in on what I use. Im planning on either replacing my pickups or what i really need to do is just need a new BETTER guitar being why im asking the pickups question.
Ok unless its a Randall i would stay away from EMG's.. SS amps usually hate them, to much output throws them into clipping which sounds really really bad... Stick with Passive...

Bareknuckles are the cream of the crop, but i would highly suggest just getting a new guitar or maybe a new amp first then new guitar. Or one decent pickup instead of two medicore pickups... Many options, no right way of doing it. But the end result is tube amp, nice guitar with nice pickups. How you get there is up to you...
well ive been planning on getting a new guitar anyways so thats what ill do then thx much
I honestly wouldn't even buy new pickups. If you want better squeals on your pinch harmonics, work on your technique. Pickups can bring them out a bit more, but you should be able to get good ones easily on any guitar, including acoustics, if your technique is correct in doing them.

Pickup changes through the amp you have would also barely change the sound, if you even notice a change in the first place, which wouldn't be worth the $200 or so it costs to put new pickups in.

Plus, DiMarzio pwn EMG and Duncan for metal anyway! lol jk, but I love them!
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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alright yea i mean ive been working on my technique on it i only learned how to do them a few months ago.
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what would be some good pickups for a good metal/hard rock tone from dimarzio?

Evolution, Breed, Tone Zone, X2N, etc.

They have a pickup finder thing on their site that's kinda cool and they're also the only company I've really ever seen that puts the actual output of the pickup on their site and not just resistance.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.