so im trying to get that cool tone on the cant stop solo with a boss ds-2
but i just cant get it right... can anyone help me with the settings on the ds-2?
all help will be apppreciated
Mode II, dist and tone all the way up, set level to your taste. It works a whole lot better when you put your DS-2 in front of a slightly overdriving tube amp though.
In front of a solid state (even a good one like a JC-120) it's just harsh and plain ugly sounding on those settings.
The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

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Level as much as you want, Tone around halfway, maybe less, Distortion around 1/2-3/4 the way up, Mode II.

*has just played it*
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dude theres 2 nobs and 2 modes its not that hard

also i think most of it comes from the fingers
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