Basically my '68 Fender Princeton is in desperate need of a good overdrive. I'd prefer going into higher gain levels but definately don't want to lose the character of the amp. Low gain metal is not an oxymoron.
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I'm going to recommend this having not actually used the thing but I have played a Princeton.

I'd say the Keeley TS9DX Flexi. It was about $180, I don't know what it is now. Expensive, but I think an extremely modded high gain Tube Screamer would just sound killer with a princeton. Of course, they are expensive.
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well i'm pretty sure the new princetons don't sound at all similar, but for a general idea on 10 it sounds very 'cripsy'. like, not really crunchy, but crispy. kind of ac/dc deep purpleish. It's a kind of really really clear distortion with really good responsiveness, but its not exactly thick. Not muddy at all either.

and I usually play this thing on 2 because i have to.
i have a 'white guitar'
It is a Princeton or a Princeton Reverb? The Princeton will barely get any overdrive at all, even at 10.
Maybe go for a boost to drive the valves harder such as a Fulltone OCD?
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Mod it into a Mesa Mark I. That should fix the problem.

Nah, JK. Try a Visual Sound Double Trouble. It has quite a bit of drive on tap.
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