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Peavey Classic 30
19 68%
Traynor YCV20WR
5 18%
Randal RM20 MTS Modular Amp
1 4%
Other Used Amp
3 11%
Voters: 28.
Hey everyone. Im in the market for a new amp. My vox DA5 was geat for finding out what i wanted but now im ready for the real deal. So far this is a list of what ive constructed.

+ Tube (one exception below)
+ Under 20 watts (to sound good at lower volumes)
+ Effects Loop
+ Two Channels (Doesnt have to be)
+ EQ
+ 700 or lower (Willing to go used)
+ Master Volume
+ Decent cleans (doesnt have to be fender but not crappy either)
+ Good Distortion

Heres a list of Amps im looking into
+ Peavey Classic 30
+ Traynor YCV20WR
+ RAndall RM20 MTS MOdular Amp
+ Maybe roland JC series amp (i dont know how the overdrive is...any thoughts)

It is OK for me to get Distortion by pedals and i want to be able to add some modulation ones later on.

Also, if anyone can explain to me the difference between series and parallel effects loop, that would be nice. Thanks for the help.
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Get a randall RG75? THere kcik ass and sound brilliant. It got a tube preamp and mosfet power amp. So its good sounding and tube like without the need for standby etc. It has effects loop and is 2 channel. Has EQ for both channels has decent cleans (I really like the cleans) Dist. is soo good but it is over 20 watts lol. Go search it up and take a look.
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Im also looking at:

Marshall DSL 401 (used)
Visual Sounds Workhorse (used)
Vox AC15
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I have the RM50 MOdular amp. I'm not sure why no one really recommends them because they are probably the most versatile amp on the market since you can go out buy a preamp you want for it slip it in and get great tone. Theres a lot of modules out there too. I really suggest it. You can go from a nice tweed amp to a cleaner amp to a brown marshall to an Ultra Br00taz tone. Im not so sure how much i would suggest the 20 though seeing you can only use a preamp but i guess you could get a clean preamp and use a pedal. =D
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Yeah its just that its a little expensive. if i wanted cleans + a pedal i could get any other amp. At first i wanted to get a bliues junior but it has no effects loop and ive heard some bad things about it at loud levels.
For me it would be between the Peavey and the Traynor. Try them both out if you can. Also, the Classic 30 is over 20 watts but it shouldn't make a huge difference and I know that while it sounds best cranked, it still sounds great at low volumes.

The JC series have really good cleans, though the built in OD is crap and it really doesn't take dirtboxes well at all.
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The dsl combos are pretty nice, i played one a couple weeks ago at guitar center, they have marshall cleans(obviously) and a good crunch sound and can get pretty heavy. If you wanted full blown br00tlz you could always add a tubescreamer. You said "good distortion" so we're not sure if that means slight overdrive or metal distortion, if you need hard rock or something i'd suggest the marshall or a used peavey xxx combo(i have one they're nice) otherwise the peavey like others have said
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I'm selling my amp in the gear forum. Here. It meets all of your criteria, except it's 50 watts. But i'd let it go for way under your budget, so you could buy one of those things that let you play tube amps at lower volumes with thier natural distortion. I can't for the life of me recall what thet are called.
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well see i dont want to buy an amp now as i still want to research and raise funds and try them out. Im also looking at the kustom 36 koupe, the visual sounds workhorse, and some others too