This is a brand-spanking new piece, c4c as always.

In the Paper

Read the papers, you see what it is
Just smile your smirk and reply ‘yes, miz’
It doesn’t take a genius to know how to kill
The murder machine is ringing
It was all in your will

Watch the TV , you’ll know what’s about
Hurry, hide the ghost, give him the clout
Lady Liberty cant understand
Can you hear her singing?
Your time is lost in sand.

The chief is blackmailing the sergeant
All the while the crowd shouting ‘take the hint’
The queen is with the professor
The commerce is bringing
Everything is ready to buffer

Waste a wasteland, its where its at
Well what’s the matter, Mr. Matt?
Just go, forget about Mom
Yes sir, now your just mingling
This time, you really dropped the bomb