i made one that was full of songs that i'm sure none of you have heard, but it sounded like ****. so here's one i just put together, but i think it's pretty solid. i couldn't find digital copies of some, so they're rips from my vinyl collection.

please enjoy, or i'll end up having to blow dorkus.

Damn I was gonna put Accordion on mine. Guess I'll have to use Curls or something.
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i would listen now, but Indiana Jones is on tv and i really want to watch it.
Ohh Mattie, this is good. You organized it really well.

And that Carla Bozulich song is pretty neat.
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You organized it really well.

i've never been able to pick great songs for mixes, but i sure know where they should go.
Hellz yeah you do.

Ohh, I'm so excited for you guys to hear my playlist. I've already made it.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.