How the heck are you supposed to play that?
I wouldn't :/
how the hell would you play it??? my god

damnit, beaten to the comment
that must be a pain in the ass to tune
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I HAVE to wear my kilt every Thursday...

I'm not sure why, though.

Me too!
We should start a support group.
Wow, im surprised at everyones surprise!

I though, like, every bassist had seen an ERB at atleast some point.
I would buy that like...


Something that would buy something.



So to sum up: Yes.
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are any of those tennessee instruments any good? im curious.
what a waste of a perfectly good sig.
...the strings would cost more than $14. It could be a scam.

Keep in mind the shipping is 50 bucks so if the bidders really want it it could be driven up fairly quickly.
I think these things should probably be considered different instruments, I mean, That's obviously not for standing at the back plugging rootnotes.
holy cow. never seen a 15 stringer before.
I'd buy it to prove it exists to people.
I'd only use it when it floods.
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Didn't thefitz post this same bass a few weeks back?

Edit: Found it. Old Thread.

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Yeah, this is identical to my thread pretty much, but it's cool to actually see it on auction to see exactly how much people are willing to pay for it.
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No matter how many times this is posted (I think this is the 4th time that I've seen) , I'm always still amused by.

check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
if you ask me they are fruity
an i hope one morning they drown in there fruit loops
fieldy has something like this. although it works more like a twelve string guitar, where the extra strings are smaller and at a higher octave (or in this case, one and two octaves up, cuz its 5 courses of three).
fieldy is a metal bass crazy man genius, IMHO.
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I'd play it. but not for long, probably wieghs a tonne.
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Looks like a Chapman Stick but with a body. If i had it i don't know what I would do with it. I think I would be kinda scared of it. It might eat you.