C    G    Am      G      F
owatte shimau kyou wo omotte 
 Fm             G             F  G
nani ka dekiru kotowo sagasu keredo

E         Am     F        G
nandaka chotto kangae sugitana
  E           Am
daijoubu datte 
   F      Fm       G     F  G
omoereba sore ga dai ippou ni naru

C              G          Am              G
kamihikouki ga tonde yuku yo a****a ni douka maniauyou ni
F     G     E     Am    F        G       C
zutto zutto zutto zutto shinji tsuzuketeiru                             
F     G     E     Am    F     G      C
dakara zutto zutto zutto zutto tonde yukeru yo

i've never seen this stuff before, I'm assuming a "do" is C. Does it sound right?
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You are a damn Legend, i mixed up C with E so it didnt sound right.

Thanks heaps for your help mate
That tab is bizarre, never seen anything like it before. Well done for working it out.
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