How long do you think it would take to learn Excreations with a year of experience? Any advice on learning this song or the techniques used or any comments on if this may be too hard or anything.


EDIT: oh.. and can anyone post the tab seeing as i dont have guitar pro at the moment, so i can see what the tab looks like.
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Uhhhh, im looking at it on tabit, its pretty insane for one year. Its probably gonna take forever to learn, but i say go for it.

I uploaded tabit onto megaupload if you dont have it already. Its 6 files and they are all relatively small. the Ex-creations tab is one of the files. Save all the files into the same folder and then click on Tabit.exe. When its open click file at the top left, then click open then find the Ex-creations tab. If it doesnt work i dont know whats wrong. (Tabit doesnt run for Mac)

The links are:

TabIt.000 (1024 Bytes)

TabIt.chm (53.48 KB)

TabIt.exe (910.5 KB)

unins000.dat (3.72 KB)

unins000.exe (666.28 KB)

Ex-Creations.tbt (3.7 KB)

Good Luck.
Oh yeah, and i forgot when i first used megaupload, it was hard for me to figure out how to download the file, look where it says megaupload really big and directly right of that logo is a box that says download, type the letters into the txt box and click download. (I'm assuming you don't know anything about this because idk if you do or not)