i have no idea how to put chords to songs that i write.. if anyone has any tips on how to do this or knows of any places with tips please let me know thanks a bunch
oh and also i just wrote this song.. let me know what you think:

secrets always walk
verse 1
secrets hang in the air like a thick haze
we're used to telling them cause practice pays
it's not school anymore it's a spy state
"yeah that's so and so and she slept with eight"
who even knows if any of it's true
you always just pray it's not about you

they rip you apart and spread like disease
always watching your back to see who sees
watch what you do cause people always talk
secrets are never secret and they always walk

verse 2
quiet cause we can't trust the heavy air
whisper cause news is always an affair
she tells her best friend and all of it's out
drama's something people can't go without
walking down the hall your ears start to burn
the best friend smiles and says its no concern

don't even try to run
it's always too late
once the secret's out
Seems like it might be a heavier, darker song, so i would recommend using minor chords. You could just sing out the root note of every line or about 1/2way thru each line and play the chord accordingly.
well thank you for the compliment and i took what you said about using a minor scale and am using a Em-C-D progression with a B thrown in the bridge.